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    Do you suffer from repeated sinusitis, stuffy nose, headaches and almost no sense of smell?


    Do you snore and spend your time sneezing and blowing your nose? You may have a tough time sleeping and this can lead to sleep apnea.


    This may be a case of nasal polyps, a common chronic condition that affects 1 to 4% of the population and has nothing to do with allergies.


    This problem is associated with asthma or an allergy to aspirin. It is the proliferation of the nasal mucosa that usually covers the sinus wall, but that grows abnormally until it takes place in the nasal cavity.


    This is a very troublesome disease and is difficult to diagnose. Once diagnosed it is simple enough to treat by medication, or even by surgery in its most severe forms.


    When in doubt, an ENT specialist examines the nasal cavities for inflammation in both nostrils.


    Indeed, polyps can be symptoms of other diseases and that is why it is important that it is examined and treated in a timely fashion. If left untreated it can grow big in size and make it difficult to breathe through nostrils.


    Effective treatments


    To establish a precise and complete diagnosis, the specialist carries out three types of complementary examinations: a biological analysis, a scanner imaging and the test of respiratory functional explorations.


    If the presence of polyps is confirmed, appropriate treatment will be recommended. It is mainly based on daily application of nasal spray containing corticosteroids.


    If the spray does not work then oral steroids are prescribed. Along with this some antibiotics may also be prescribed.

    In terms of natural treatment, using warm saline water for cleaning the nasal cavity has been found to work well. It helps in clearing the pollutants and reduces inflammation.


    Another best treatment for nasal polyps is the use of castor oil in the nostril. Use a dropper to leave few drops of the oil into the nostrils when you go to sleep. This helps to shrink the nasal polyps.


    Consuming fruits and vegetables that have antioxidants is considered to be beneficial for treating nasal polyps.


    If none of the solutions are effective, doctors can prescribe corticosteroid tablets, or suggest an intervention to unclog the nasal cavity and sinus to better treat inflammation. The goal for specialists will be to avoid the side effects of corticosteroids.


    If the polyps become very large then surgery is the only option to remove them.


    However, the polyps can come back in a few months or years depending from case to case.


    After surgery steroid nasal spray is used to keep the growth of polyps under check.


    Now a day’s people are even exploring natural treatment for nasal polyps. When I spoke to a person who had undergone surgery, this is what he had to say-


    My name is James, I am 26 years old, and I have nasal polyps since 8 years now.
    I had surgery 2 years and 2 months ago, because my polyps were literally coming out of my nose and the disease was in stage 4.


    Since then, I have no taste or smell, but I am able to breathe properly, which is good enough for me.


    However, for about 3 weeks, I have the feeling of not breathing as well, I have the impression that my polyps are pushing back, and I am desperate for a solution not to go through a second surgery.


    I think I will try natural treatment, hoping it will work for me. I know it will take a long time to get treated with natural treatment, but it is holistic treatment that will correct the root cause of the problem.


    The reason polyps comes back even after surgery is because the root cause is something that remains unaddressed.


    Otherwise, I will try the essential oils, the natural cures, or I do not know what other method that could help me.


    I remain convinced that this disease has a psychological dimension, and that believing in its cure can really help.


    Since one month I have been washing my nose twice a day. For this I use a bottle with a pipette and sachets of sea salt.


    It does me a lot of good. I feel my nose clean, almost no desire to blow my nose during the day


    I have stopped having everything that may contain sulphites like wine, some spirits, mustard, vinegar, crustaceans.


    I have reduced the consumption of cow's milk and other milk products.


    I practice of regular workouts and after doing workouts, I almost always find my sense of smell for a few minutes.


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